CareER “Let’s Walk Together” Annual Fundraising Event

CareER “同步同行”年度籌款活動

Enrollment 賽事報名

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a) Individual 個人組別

Age 18 or above / 18歲或以上: English  中文

Under Age 18 / 未滿18歲: English  中文

b) Family Team 家庭組別 English  中文
c) Corporate Team 企業組別 English  中文
d) Open Team 公開組 English  中文
For team group with 9 members or above, please download the Corprate and Open Team Registration Form (Team of 8 or above) here.
Demonstration of Online Application (Click Here)
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Online Application Technical Enquiry: 3796 8025

報名技術問題查詢電話:3796 8025

Registration 報名須知

  1. Online Application Deadline: Nov 3, 2017.


  2. Participants must study the Importance Notice carefully. Participants who completed the registration process agreed to be abided by the Important Notice.


  3. Participants should make sure their health conditions are suitable for the races. In case of doubt, please seek medical advice in advance.


  4. All donations made are non-refundable under any circumstances.


  5. All donation of HK$100 or above are tax-deductible. (IR: 91/13388) A tax deductible receipt softcopy will be email to you or hardcopy posted to you on request.


  6. Registration is complete once the payment is settled. Incomplete information will not be accepted.


  7. Participants will receive a confirmation e-mail after completing the registration. Please contact CareER via email or call 3482 4288 for any enquiry.

    成功報名後,每位參加者將收到一封確認電郵,如有任何問題,可致電3482 4288或電郵至查詢。

  8. Late or on-site enrollment will not be accepted.


  9. Please take care of your personal belongings during the event. The Organizer will not be liable for any responsibility, damage or lost.


  10. The Organizer reserves the right of all photos and videos for future uses and references.


  11. Public Liability Insurance will be covered by the Organizer. Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies separately.


Important Notice 重要事項

Adverse Weather Arrangement 惡劣天氣安排

  1. As for typhoon signal No.8 (or above), red or black rainstorm signal is hoisted at 12midnight or after on the event day, the event will be canceled.


  2. As inclement weather during the event; for the security reasons, the Organizer will change or cancel the event. All donation will not be refunded.


  3. This activity will not be rescheduled and all donation made are non-refundable under any circumstances.


  4. Please visit the Hong Kong Observatory inquiries about the weather conditions on the event day. (Tel: 1878200)


Privacy Policy Notice 私隱政策通知

  1. This Privacy Policy Notice (the “Notice”) relates specifically to the collection, use, release, retention and security of the name, contact number, postal and e-mail address and likeness in any photographs, videotapes, films, sound recordings, broadcast, internet and electronic media captured of yourself and the participants (collectively, “you”) at the “Let’s Walk Together” (collectively “Personal Data”).

    本私隱政策通知(統稱“通知”)特別為我們對收集、使用、透露、保存及保護閣下及參加者(統稱 “您” 或 “閣下”)給予我們的姓名、聯繫電話、郵寄和電郵地址,以及在“同步同行”步行籌款活動中被拍攝的任何照片、錄像、影片、錄音、廣播、互聯網和電子媒體中出現的肖像、聲綫及錄像資料(統稱 “個人資料”)作出詳細說明。

  2. Please be advised that it is voluntary for you to supply to us your Personal Data. Without such data, however, we will not be able to process and approve your application. Please be assured that all Personal Data collected by us will only be used for purposes related to the event such as the processing of this application, obtaining feedback, issuing receipts, other administrative and promotional purposes relating to this event and related or similar events and charity events in the future.


  3. We may disclose your Personal Data to the following parties (collectively, “Processors”) (whether within or outside Hong Kong): event volunteers; first-aiders; companies or persons including our agents or contractors for the performance of functions related to this event. We may also disclose your Personal Data to any governmental and judicial bodies or regulators (whether within or outside Hong Kong) to satisfy any law, regulation or legal request, or to cooperate in any law enforcement investigation or investigation. By your voluntary submission of Personal Data to us, you are consenting to the disclosure, transfer and use of your Personal Data outside Hong Kong for the purpose described in the Notice.

    我們可能根據本通知披露有關資料予大會工作人員、自願服務者、救護人員或其他因舉行活動需要該等資料的有關人員或代理人、承包商,不論其在香港境內或境外(統稱 “資料處理者”),以便他們以大會的名義履行各種跟是次活動有關的任務。我們亦可能根據本通知披露閣下提供的個人資料予法律或任何監管機構規定我們披露資料的任何人士以滿足任何法規或法律的要求,或以協助司法調查的事宜。在您自願提交個人資料給我們的情況下,則表示您同意我們向香港以外地區披露、轉移您的個人資料並將其用於本通知所述的用途。

  4. You have the right to request access to and correction of your Personal Data. If you would like to request access to or correct your Personal Data, please contact us at:

    Phone no.: 3482 4288



    電話: 3482 4288


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